Multi-Marketing is a holding company under which a number of
subsidiaries are umbrella’d, such as a publishing house, a business solutions
offering and a digital marketing agency aimed at SMME’s, to name just a few.

Multi-Marketing also offers many products which are sold
here on the Multi-Marketing Store, most notably eBooks and many more to be added
as time goes on.

The Multi-Marketing Store was launched to house our physical
& digital products on offer and as a one-stop online hub for authors,
artists and other product creators to feature, showcase and sell their products
via a reduced rate on an eCommerce Site – we may feature our products, but we
give you the platform as well as an author or artist to display your content
and monetize it at a reduced rate that you would not get elsewhere.

For the consumer or visitor, welcome to the official Multi-Marketing store and we hope you enjoy
perusing through our vast catalogue currently on offer and growing as time
goes. Feel free to share the link so others can also experience premium shopping online.

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