Amazon Publishing


In Multi-Marketing's constant quest for evolution, we also offer Amazon Publishing in both Kindle and Paperback options.

Places such as Amazon, are globally recognised by authors and can be a major sales point - if marketed correctly and that is why we still reiterate that no book can sell whether in bookstores or online without a strong marketing tandem between publisher and author.

The best part about Amazon Publishing is:
NO printing costs
NO courier costs

With the Amazon publishing service you get:

- Global distribution of your eBook and Paperback
- Payout after 60 days
- 25% royalties on copies sold in third-world lower-tier countries
- 55% royalties on copies sold in first-world higher-tier countries
- FREE Online Marketing across Multi-Marketing's social media platforms

You can choose whether to publish either just your eBook or just your paperback or BOTH as a combo and the turnaround time is generally 48 hours, although we usually can get it done within 12-24 hours if all the information and files are either provided timeously or we have them on hand. Keep in mind that if you have taken up our eBook Conversion process or Full House Publishing service, we will already have access to the eBook and Paperback print-ready files for Amazon and can thus do this process much quicker and at no extra charge (unless you have specifically requested us not to). However, if you are doing this externally without taking up any of our services, there will be charges as will be seen on our latest rate card.

With the Paperback option Amazon, there is no need for you to print or courier any copies as once we provide the correct Paperback files which we upload onto Amazon for you, whenever a customer pays for a physical printed copy of your book, Amazon will print-on-demand and courier the copy to the customer at NO extra cost to you whatsoever. Amazon Distribution is literally a once-off payment that only requires a strong marketing campaign and you can collect royalties for as long as there are purchases of your book - no printing and couriering costs to you each time there is a new customer ordering.

Email for more information or check our latest rate card for costing!