Multi-Marketing Anthology


The Multi-Marketing Anthology allows both local and international poets and short story writers, whether published or undiscovered, the opportunity to get their work seen by a global audience at a reduced rate and earn royalties from their work.
Some poets and short story writers are raw talents with a few pages of work, which is not enough to put together a full-length book or strapped on cash and unable to be published as it exceeds their budget. This allows them the opportunity to get their work published along with others in a compilation at a reduced rate of publishing (as all authors are pooling their funds together to make up the whole amount by each paying for their own equal portion) and earn an equal portion of the royalties from an international viewing audience who will purchase the book, so long as all authors play their part in marketing it as well.

The regulations of the programme are simple and straightforward:

  • Submit your 2 best poems (no longer than 1 page each) OR your best short story (no longer than 8 pages) as a Microsoft Word attachment (NO other format will be acceptable) to BEFORE the deadline. If the poems or short stories have been previously published, ensure you make a note of that in your submission and that you have the rights to republish the work with us. You may submit 2 poems and a short story if you wish.
  • Wait for a response, then submit your most recent clear picture of yourself, along with a short bio (your full name, where you are from, how old you are, what you do, what your hobbies are, why you wrote these in particular) and your social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc)
  • Wait to be invoiced and pay your portion amount as stipulated on the invoice BEFORE the deadline stipulated there. Email Proof of Payment along with the Store Code of your nearest PEP Store and your mobile number (international authors outside of South Africa will be issued differently). The amount varies each year as page count and ink used as well as time spent is all different from one year to another so as such a set amount cannot be disclosed
  • Receive your copy and start marketing the link of the Anthology online

After the payout threshold has been reached (thanks to a collective marketing effort by Multi-Marketing AND the authors involved), only then can royalties be paid out in an equal sum to all the authors involved as each contributed an equal amount to have it published. 




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