Quotation Process

After your email is received, it is forwarded to our various teams for assessment and quotation, such as – editing, proofreading, interior layout, cover design, file conversion and printing.

After our team has completed the assessment, we will revert back to your email with a full quotation on the following:

  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Interior Layout
  • Cover Design
  • eBook File & Print-ready file conversion
  • ISBN & Barcode (always done FREE OF CHARGE for ALL clients)

And we also provide a printing estimation at this stage as we can only provide a proper printing quotation AFTER the book files have been produced during the file conversion stage. If any author publishes all the way with us, we upload their book FOR FREE onto Amazon and MM Store as well as do ad-hoc marketing for their book at no extra charge to them.