Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing


We should make it clear what Multi-Marketing is and what it is not. We are what is called a self-publishing company – that means we provide you with all the tools and services you need in one place to get published and you fund the publishing service. You could self-publish and pay your way on your own, but you would be running around from pillar to post, from one service provider of one side to another, whereas with Multi-Marketing, you get it all done from start to finish under one roof. Multi-Marketing is run by a former published author who himself knows the ins and outs of the writing and publishing world and is thus very on-the-ground and hands-on with authors, guiding them on every step of the way, from start to finish.

If you are looking for traditional publishers, they are very far and few between as that is a dying breed in this new economy. They have limited funds and brief periods open for submissions, so will NOT publish everything that comes their way and will be very picky and choosy and nitty-gritty when deciding what book THEY feel (NOT what YOU feel) will bring them returns on their investment as they will only be publishing a limited amount. Another thing to keep in mind is that if they fund the publishing, they own the work and will keep majority shares in order to gain return on their investment and ultimately profit off the work.

The best way to ensure your work WILL be published is by paying your way (save up if you have to and invest in your dreams), which is why there are far more self-publishing companies out there. The best way to know if one is legitimate is to see their previous works and their track-record of publications online – something we showcase on