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NetherWorld: A Dream You Cannot Escape (Physical Paperback)

NetherWorld: A Dream You Cannot Escape (Physical Paperback)

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Meet Divina, a woman haunted by dreams so vivid, they blur the line between reality and imagination. Afraid to close her eyes, she's trapped in a perpetual waking nightmare. But everything changes when she encounters two enigmatic figures: Griffith, a charismatic stranger in her waking life, and Felix, a captivating pirate whose adventures are beyond her wildest dreams.

As Divina's feelings for Felix and Griff deepen, she finds herself thrust into a world of breathtaking adventures, where danger and intrigue lurk at every turn. When Felix is captured, Divina must summon her inner strength and unravel the secrets of her past to rescue him, realizing that her very existence is entwined with the enigmatic NetherWorld.

In a tale where dreams and reality entwine, friendships are tested, and love transcends dimensions, NetherWorld is a whimsical and enchanting fantasy that will sweep you off your feet and keep you spellbound until the very last page. 

Join Divina as she discovers the power of dreams, the reality of nightmares and the mysteries they hold in this captivating and dreamy adventure.
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